Positions at Trinity
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Youth Teacher for Ages 3-6 and 7-11. If you are interested in teaching the Youth during Sunday Morning Services.
If you are interested in any of the following positions below, please contact the
Church Administrator
Usher and Hospitality Ministry. If you are interested in being an Usher in all capacities.
Pinkston Bookstore Associate. If you would like to help manage the bookstore on Sundays after service.
Leadership Meetings are for Ministry Leaders, Executive Officers, and Ministers. Meetings are held every third Friday of the month.

Quarterly Business Meetings/Family Nights are for all members. Come to hear about the future of Trinity Christian Worship and Quarterly Goals for the Church. Ministry Leaders also submit Quarterly Meeting Notes
(Downloadable Forms available in Members Only Section) to Church Administrator.
TCW Event Request Forms
TCW Supply Form TK9-
TCW A/V Request Form-
Juanita B. Johnson Scholarship Application
TCW Fund Request Voucher
Quarterly Meeting Notes
Ministry Financial Ledger–
Announcement Form
Check & Balances Form
TCW Directory Update Form–
Use this form for ministry events to be added to the church calendar.
Used by TCW Ministry Leaders for TCW events supplies and should be used with TCW Event Request form.
Used to request Audio/Video equipment. This form can be used with the TCW Event Request Form
Used to request funds from ministry budget for ministry needs. Please read proper procedures before submitting this form
Trinity Graduating Seniors, apply for an Education Scholarship for this coming Fall.
Use this form to keep a running record of your ministry account balance.
Ministry Leaders should submit this document outlining goals and ministry highlights each Quarter. Print this form and submit to the Church Administrator prior to the Quarterly Business Meetings. (March, June, September, and December
Use this to update your information on the church directory.
This form is for ministry use to balance funds before turning in to trustees
This form is use to submit announcements to read on the following Sunday Morning.
Trinity Christian Worship